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Our service philosophy

More for less – At Research Brooks, our service philosophy is that customers mustn’t pay through the nose to have quality service. We ensure value for money is delivered without leaving a hole in the client’s pocket.


Market Research

Market research enables brands and their caregivers to make informed decisions and stay relevant in their market. At Research Brooks Limited, we build deep insights around brand product services, consumers and the market. Our service building block is anchored on two major research approaches – qualitative and quantitative and mostly delivered through either internet outback (web/online) or face to face. We offer to clients, organized insights ranging from usage and attitude, awareness and perception, customer experience and satisfaction, concept and name test (evaluation), channel and funnel analysis, market size, market share, competitor’s analysis as well as retail audit.


Social Research

away from companies who produce and sell tangible products to consumers, Research Brooks Limited also renders consultancy services to organisations who deal on intangible social interventions services. They include international development companies, donor agencies, international organisations and multilateral institutions, International and National NGOs. We deliver well-grounded social researches around their various areas of intervention using survey, focus group, action research, participatory research, and ethnography to help them solve social problems. We engage in consultancy services on public policy analysis and advocacy, stakeholders’ engagement, scoping study and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities.


Opinion Poll

has become an inherent uninhibited avenue of gauging the pulse of the people concerning social issue(s), governance, public and political office holders. We idealize, problematize social issues, generate questions and engage members of the public space across varying demographic split to react. Responses are aggregated and synthesized to make intelligible sense. It is then escalated to policy decision makers as a way of social accountability contribution to governance and part of bottom-top policy making approach.


Brand Visibility Activism

as brand visibility activists, we bridge the gap between huge advertisement cost need and organization’s lean budget. We understand that every organization is in business to make and maximize profit. Leveraging on our culture of more for less, our innovative entertainpreneur and edutainment approaches comes handy to their rescues. We evolve this as a complimentary cost-effective strategy that reaches and connect well with targets thereby helping organisations in harnessing the huge benefits of the critical mass (BoP). We do ambitious things for brands. This strategy is always a win win option.


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Research Brooks

Research Brooks Limited is a local research firm with global outlook. The firm deploys best in time tools and technology solutions to deliver cutting-edge value for money research and consultancy services to our clients.


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